Commoner & Co. is a Brooklyn based manufacturer of the finest quality carry goods and accessories. To us, appearance doesn’t mean a thing without the quality and durability to back it up.  Made from materials you can unflinchingly rely on, Commoner products are all made with the best leather, military-grade threads, and corrosion-resistant metals. That’s why we love what we do.  Our wallets are durable, our dog leads are comfortable, and most importantly, they’re designed to keep on delivering, day after day, year in and year out.  Our products are purposely overbuilt because, like you, we know the difference.

Our team is comprised of a small group of artists, fabricators and friends, who all work together to design, produce and test every product, one at a time, until each is done right.

When our work is complete, we head outdoors to enjoy the fruits of our labor, in the natural settings that continue to renew and inspire us.

Thanks for stopping by our shop.  See you out there. 



Commoner & Co. was born out of a grandfather’s old wood shop, tucked away on Shelter Island in the far reaches of New York’s coastal stretches. Full of old woodworking tools and seasoned boards, it also housed surf and paddle boards, a sailboat and canoe, a moped, bikes and fishing gear.  It was a place for tinkering and repair where there was an inherent appreciation for the faithful companions whose timelessness has withstood the test of adventures both past and present — with a promise of many more adventures to come.  It was in this spirit, that Commoner came to be.

In the Fall of 2009, founder Joe Bocci, experienced an event that would ultimately lay the foundation for Commoner & Co.   Out for a walk on the beach, Joe’s six-month old Tamaskan, Lupo, spotted some deer. With one quick lunge the ubiquitous metal snap on his favorite leash failed after only a few months of use, and the dog was gone.   Joe was now on the hunt for both his dog and a reliable leash that would keep his new friend out of trouble.  That night he went down to the old woodshop and got to work on what would become one of our most coveted products, the No. 995 Signature Flat Lead; a leash truly worth its salt.  The Commoner line quickly expanded from handmade canine accessories to an exclusive collection of everyday carry essentials that are trusted and relied up by men from all walks of life.

And now, onward.