Leather Care

All of our leather is made exclusively by one of the oldest operational U.S. based tanneries. Our leathers are all vegetable tanned and are dyed through with an aniline finish which, adds strength, durability and a deep penetrating color unlike many surface painted leathers commonly used in production.

The best way to care for your new leather good is through normal daily use and handling. The natural oils from your hands will not only nourish the leather fibers, but also keep them strong throughout the life of the piece. We recommend regularly applying a natural wax, to help remove any dirt or stains and keep the leather healthy. Be sure to wipe off any excess wax before putting your cash and cards back in the wallet. With proper care and handling, your wallet will quickly take on it’s intended shape and begin to develop a beautiful patina that will become only more beautiful with age.

In the event your wallet gets saturated with water, remove any and all items and place it in a cool place to air dry naturally. Once it is done drying, apply a quick coat of wax to remove any bloom or salt, fill it back up and go forth.